Monday, July 15, 2013

La Fromagerie!

Hello from La Fromagerie!

Mystic River Resort's Herbed Goat Cheese
Setting the curds...
Kristen loved modelling the cheese!

It has been a month now since I started making cheese and I am having a lot of fun.  So far, my expertise has extended to soft spreadable goat cheese, yogourt, and a fabulous Herbed Goat Cheese that I got to try on our guests the other night.  I think the end result was quite good since they kept asking for more!  Kristen especially made sure the plate was never far from her fingers!

I am now working on making Blue Cheese which is another one of my favourites! I actually have so many favourite cheeses that I might be very busy for a very long time!  If I can get that accomplished I think I will be very happy!

The plan is to make sure I have enough goat cheese, yogourt, ricotta, etc, for our kitchen and also to serve guests whenever they want a taste of that special cheese!

On a slightly different note, one of the new goats we purchased a few weeks ago escaped!  She litterally found a very small opening in the pasture fence and jumped through it!  At this time, we still have no idea how she managed to do that since she has pretty big horns, but manage it she did.  THEN, she just disappeared!  Vanished into thin air!  And for days, we sent our guys all over the place but we just could not find her.  We had almost given up when one of our guests, on her way to the river spotted her (thank you so much Joanna!) but the goat ran away again before we could catch her.  So Eber went on a finding mission one last time and found her bachelorette pad!  So it seems that Runaway (which is now her official name) had been living pretty nicely in the bush, not too far from us actually, hiding in between some pretty big rocks!  We installed an infra red camera and put some corn there and we now have some very nice photos of Runaway!  Next thing, the trap!

Runaway at her little bachelorette pad!
Always something exciting happening at Mystic River Resort!
We also had to redo some of the thatch at the Palapa Bar because we were getting pretty big leaks all over the place and since we now have this fancy TV screen so we can showcase all our fabulous photos and videos, we did not want to get it damaged.  We were able to cut all the Bay Leaves on Mystic River property and managed to do so without damaging the plants so they will keep on growing and will provide us with more leaves in the future.  That is sustainable policy and we are so proud of it!

Lloyd preparing the thatch for the Palapa Bar!

And finally, a friend of ours had some ducks at her house in Belize City and when she visited us last she noticed our beautiful ponds and all the ducks we had in there and how happy everybody seemed to be!  Well, she thought her ducks were not doing so well where they were so she asked if we would take them and we said yes.  So as of a couple of days ago, we have three new members in our Duck Colony.  Daisy, Dolly and Donald, welcome to Mystic River Resort!

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