Monday, June 3, 2013

Mystic River Resort Goat Cheese!

La Fromagerie and more news.....
Hello everyone!  I hope this will find you well.
Tom and the construction crew finally finished the inside work on the Cheese House and so our official opening date was June 1st 2013.  The building remains unpainted, but who is looking!
Making the very first cheese was fabulous and we go to try the new Goat Cheese on that day.  What a tasty treat.  A few days earlier, I had made some Ricotta Cheese which David, our chef, used in a homemade Beef Lasagna.   That was delicious!  I just cannot wait to try my hands a different cheeses as I learn more about this fascinating hobby!  Of course, we could not have done it without the help of our herd of beautiful ladies, Serafina, Daisy, Mica and Bianca for sure.
I have attached some photos of the finished product.  More photos of me actually making the cheese will come later.  The problem is that I make the cheese by myself and no one is there to take pictures of me!  Isn't that just typical...
We also finished the various accomodations for the goats and I have to say that I think our goats are probably the best housed in Belize!!  Our little kids continue to amaze and entertain us with their friendliness and smarts.  I had no idea just how intelligent they actually are.
Tom also found us an incubator a little while ago because we had some duck eggs but nobody to sit on them.  We did lose the duck eggs but we tried, or I should say, Eber, tried local eggs in the incubator and tadaa.....we are now raising local chickens as well as our other chickens.  Where will we go next?  Turkey may be?  That would be fun.
I think the entertainment factor at Mystic River Resort is growing by leaps and bounds everyday!
Little Sprite waiting for some hugs!
One of our newly hatched chick in the incubator!
And finally, we are putting the finishing touches to the slab for our next room which will be room #10 our first 2 bedroom suite.  We should be ready to pour the concrete on Tuesday June 4th.  Another step towards finishing the construction of Mystic River Resort!  We are really looking forward to adding this new unit to our existing family of studios and one bedroom suites because there is definitely a demand for larger accomodations.  This suite will have a much larger patio than the other suites, and the view of the river and the cliff ahead will be breathtaking!
Working hard to get this new slab ready to pour!
Almost there!

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