Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!


As we say good bye to 2012, I cannot help but reflect on what a fabulous year it has been for us overall.  We have seen a dramatic increase in our business and managed to finish two additional units on time for Christmas!  Those new one bedroom units are quite beautiful and we are so proud that we were able to make at least one family very very happy.  I had told June to be prepared to camp for a couple of nights just in case, but we came through so the tent was not needed!  So we now have 5 studio and 3 one bedroom units.  We are also working on the pathways to remove the gravel and put down some beautiful slate.

We added more trails for hiking and horseback riding and are looking forward to an additional 20 acres that we will acquire in 2013, which will give us over 180 acres of beautiful tropical rain forest.  Who knows what we might discover there!

We said farewell to the end of the Mayan Calendar with quite a beautiful celebration in Caracol (see blog below) and welcomed the New Beginning with open arms and hearts.

We had wanted and talked (to many of our guests) about installing a TV at the bar, not for TV since we still do not have cable here, but rather so we could view photos taken by our guests and ourselves and that wish finally came true!  We now can feature videos of our wildlife (and I am not talking about the bar!!) as well as photos given to us by some guests about their adventures here in Belize.  A very special thank you to all of you who generously donated your photos!  And for those of you who were thinking about sending some, there is still plenty of time to do that!

We also took the opportunity to redo the bar area so it looks much nicer and brighter and is bigger too.

The New Year should also bring us a new internet system!  The one we currently have is just not working and we do apologize to our guests for the inconsistency of the service and the problems that those created.  We are currently waiting and hopefully the wait should not last much longer!  But this is Belize so…..

As a side note, it has come to my attention that some of our past guests have written reviews for us on Trip Advisor and those reviews have not posted or been delayed for whatever reason.  If you are one of those guests please do let me know as I have notified Trip Advisor of the problem and they are looking into it.  And if you have not written your review yet, now is the time!  Your comments and opinions are extremely important to us and we really appreciate your taking a few minutes of your busy time to do that for us.  Thank you!

So on this note, it is our pleasure to wish all our past, present and future guests a Very Happy New Year 2013.

(I do apologize for the lack of photos on this newsletter!  For some reason, downloading photos was just not available!  More next time.....)