Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our goats!

Hello Everyone,
It has been a couple of months since I wrote on this blog but we have been so so busy that I just did not get the time!  As a follow up on my last blog, "La Fromagerie" (the cheese house) is coming along quite nicely and the actual building should be ready for me to move in sometime next month.  I am so excited!  Meanwhile, I have been purchasing items I would need to start making cheese and when in Mexico a few weeks ago, Tom and I discovered a Stainless Steel store that sold everything stainless so I bought a couple of tables and some other items!  Can't wait!!
We also started thinking about a milk supply for the cheese and so we considered getting a couple of milking cows but found that a little too daunting for the present so we decided to pass.
What we decided to do was get some goats so I could start with goat cheese (which I absolutely love).  And so our herd was born!
We now have Billy (our male goat), Daisy, Mica, Serafina and Bella along with Latte (our baby goat).
On April 7th at 1.30pm, Serafina gave birth to twin females!  What a delight!  They are both so beautiful.  I think we might call them Coca and Cola for fun.  What do you think?
I am attaching some photos of our herd and the new babies.
 Then, about a couple of weeks later, Mica gave us Sprite!  She has a beautiful brown head and is so so cute.  We are having fun bottle feeding them.
We also started the milking process and build a milking platform for the goats!  They really like it and don't mind hanging there even when it is not milking time!!  We have already made Ricotta cheese and yogourt with this fabulous milk.  I even drink it my my coffee now!
Can't wait to have you join us to share in this fabulous new experience with us!

Our latest baby, Sprite


Mica really likes the milking station!

 Eber with Coca, Cola and Sprite!
Serafina with Coca and Cola

Sprite, Coca and Cola!
Eber milking Mica