Saturday, June 11, 2011

On May 23rd, 2011, we all had the pleasure of welcoming into this world a brand new colt. Mystic was born at 4.30pm which was great because everyone on the premises got to see the event and play with the little guy from the beginning. Some of our guests got front row seat to the event. What a fabulous day. This little guy is so beautiful! Brown in colour with a white forehead and nose and one white leg. He is now 3 weeks old and what a treat! He loves mangoes and since we have had a bounty year this year, there'll be plenty for everyone!
We took him to the river the other day so he could check things out and what fun he had running around. He did stay close to Mum though!
We can't wait to see what Rosie will bring us next!
She is our other mare who is expecting and is due
in about 4 weeks from now.....

We'll keep you posted on the next big event! Our next newsletter might be coming sooner than you think.....
We now have brand new horse stalls and a shower area to wash the horses after long rides. Check out how Elsie is waiting for Carlos to unload the hay!!
We also have a stable of 8 horses and are really able to offer fabulous rides to various points of interest, especially since Tom finally closed his deal on 85 acres of land at the back of Mystic River. We can now add even more beautiful trails to the ones we currently have.

Some of you might remember the awesome "Mayan-like" steps we had leading down canoe launch and what an aerobic exercise it was going down, never mind climbing up!!
Remember those.... Well, they are gone! We replaced them with some fabulous stairs and pathways to make it easier to come down and carry canoes and chairs.
We planted some Mahogany trees, Mayflowers and jasmines along the side to make it more beautiful! Check it out....
what a difference.
We opened another swimming area in the river that we call Pebble Beach. It has two round pools with sandy bottoms and a nice little current that will take you down to the Big Eddy! Or, we just bring chairs for you and you can sit and enjoy the cool sounds of the river! Drinks are also available there.....
We are currently working on redoing the road to Mystic River Resort. It has not been an easy
thing to do, but we are getting there finally. We are making the road wider and much much smoother!
Another little tid bit of news about my house in San Pedro. Many of you will know that I have been trying to sell it for a little while but unfortunately have had no takers. So, after lenghtly back and forth, we have finally decided to turn this beautiful home into a Bed & Breakfast. Work should start in August so we should have 6 bedrooms open for the busy Christmas Season. I think it will be just fabulous! Any divers out there, just let us know!!
We have had a very very hot dry season. Hotter than anyone can actually remember and only received about 20% of the amount of rain we normally get during a dry season! It has been raining some since June 1st and we sure hope to get more. I never thought I would ever hear myself asking for rain and more rain! So now is planting time for sure and we are getting ready with our Mahogany trees!
Once again, Tom, myself and all our staff would like to thank you for chosing Mystic River Resort for your vacation in Belize. We know you have many choices and we hope you feel you made the right one! It is always such a pleasure to meet our guests and some have become very good friends. Stay in touch and hopefully come back and visit in the future. We always give our return guests great discounts!!
For all those of you who took the time to write reviews for us on Trip Advisor, Thank You and Thank You Again....
We truly value your comments and always love reading what you have to say about us.
For those who still need a little is the address:
We hope to read your reviews real soon!
And finally, I wanted to leave you all with this fabulous photo of a beautiful boa! I know some of you don't like snakes, and I honestly did not either.....until that is I met this one!
Take care and have a FABULOUS DAY.....