Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Green News from our Garden....

After many years spent growing vegetables at another location, we were fortunate to have Mr. Martinez join our team. He started our organic garden and is now supplying our kitchen with fresh produce everyday. There is nothing quite like the feeling of eating fresh lettuce knowing that it has just been picked a few minutes ago!!

Apart from leaf lettuce, we are currently growing green peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, brocoli, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, radishes, along with various herbs, including fresh mint which we are now using to make our deliciously refreshing mohitos! Our kitchen waste is now divided between all our "pets" and the rest is composted under the watchful eye of Mr. Martinez.

Our 40 laying hens have been busy working overtime to produce some excellent eggs for our kitchen, and our younger guests have had lots of fun chosing some for their breakfast!
We are now also able to supply our kitchen with a constant stream of free range chickens.

And in our efforts to minimize garbage, Tom has built us a can crusher, which he was happy to demonstrate for this newsletter!!

News from our Units.....
Riverview Suite #11, Purple Heart, is nearing completion and should be available for the Christmas season. It has a separate bedroom and living room and we cannot wait to have our first guests stay in it! Pictures will be available when the unit is finished....

News from our trails...
Come join us at "Sunset Point", a beautiful new area on the upper side of Mystic River Resort, where you can admire the amazing colours of sunset.

There is something to be said for "leaving stuff behind"! Some of our past guests have left behind shoes or other items they no longer want, shoes mainly, and being the "rat pack" that I am, I never throw things away! Well it recently paid off very well! A young couple staying with us were due to go to the ATM Caves and we found out they had no close toed shoes which could be a bit of an issue. So we went to the "goody bag" and we tried on some shoes and sure enough we found a pair for each one of them that fit very nicely thank you very much! And to give credit where credit is due, thank you Jong and thank you Ellie. We could not have done it without you!

Next, some words about Hurricane Richard....
As you probably all know by now, Belize was hit by a small Category 1 hurricane named Richard. The brunt of the storm landed in Belmopan, our capital, where the winds did some major damage. A lot of trees were laying down, either uprooted or broken and Guanacaste National Park looks like a ghost park now, which is truly heartbreaking. Power lines and poles were down alongside the road to Belize City and a lot of homes are still without power and some without roofs! Our beloved Belize Zoo suffered much damage and will be closed till the end of November. However, all the animals are safe and accounted for!! We had surprisingly very little rain which in itself is quite a blessing.
At Mystic River we consider ourselves lucky that we had no structural damage, only broken trees and branches all over the place, and our guests splept soundly! We lost some pretty Prickly Yellows and Gumbo Limbos. Clean up is underway and we are happy to say that it is business as usual here. Here are some photos.

When all is said and done, we feel very fortunate that nobody was hurt and that all our friends and neighbours fared like us with no major damage, just loss of trees. But we all know that in the jungle, things grow fast and will recover quickly.

And finally, once again, we want to thank all our past guests for making us number 1 on Trip Advisor. Your reviews have put us at the top, but we need to keep them coming or we will drop!! So please, take a minute of two and if you have not done so already, just write a few words about us. The link is below. That will make our day.....
From Tom and I and all our staff, thank you very very much.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tom and Nadege's Wedding, July 14th 2010

July 14th 2010 was a momentous event for Tom and I. We had decided to get married in Mexico to make it easy on all our family and friends, but we sure missed being at Mystic River Resort! Here are some photographs of our very special day that we would like to share with all of you. We hope you enjoy this newsletter. It's all about us!!

Our three grandchildren were quite a sight and all smiles for our big day.

Our daughters, Jennifer, Stephanie and Jennifer were absolutely georgeous! My Dad got to walk me down the sandy isle. Merci Papa!!

Tom and I saying our "I do"....

A nice shot of the wedding party...

Thank you to all our friends who made it to the event, but also thank you to all of those who could not make it but wished us the very best. You were in our hearts the entire time...

Tom and I cutting the cake with the help of our grand children.

Everybody had a great time. My Dad with all the Great Grand Kids!

Thank you to our wonderful children for supporting us and for being there for us. We love you all very much.

A special "MERCI" for my sister, Koryne, and her kids who made the long journey all the way from France to be with us.

A warm "THANK YOU" to our very good friends Landy and Erva. Landy, we could not have made it without you!

To my gal pals, Orly (who decided to join us at the very last minute!) and Margaret. Thanks for being there for me. You both look terrific by the way!

Thank you to the boys, John, Skip and Chris. It meant a lot to Tom.

Thank you to Anna and Alanna for being such beautiful little flower girls.

Thank you Thomas for being our ring bearer. You took your job very seriously.

Thank you to my uncle Pierre who also flew all the way from France to help us celebrate.

Thank you Tom for being Tom's mystery guest and taking the time after all these years!

Thank you to all the staff at Iberostar for making sure everything went smoothly (and everything certainly did!!),

And last but certainly not least, Thank you to my husband for loving me and for always being there for me.

May you always make me laugh Honey!


Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd Newsletter - May 2010

This past year has seen some fabulous happenings here at Mystic River Resort. One of the most important, in my opinion, being the fact that Tom "finally" proposed to me!! The wedding is scheduled for July 14, 2010 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Late last year, we added a small conversational pool, the "Lilly Pool", to the list of activities available on site and have found it to be a wonderful spot for late afternoon cocktails and evening star gazing. And of course, the kids enjoy it too!

We also moved the construction/tool room area away from the Cabanas and relocated everything at the very back of the property. This has opened the area for landscaping and we think it makes a big difference to the entrance feel of the resort. We also have a brand new office along with a brand new office Manager, Gina Garcia.

Some of you may remember the story of the spa and the reason it was built! That was because Tom and I could not agree on where to put our house (I want it by the river, he wants the man cave up in the bush!!). Anyway, no, we are not building our house just yet! But we are moving to unit #11 so we can free up the spa for our guests hopefully in time for the Christmas season! That is pretty exciting news!

Tom has been very busy adding hiking trails to the topside of the property and the discovery of a couple of Mayan burial sites and home sites should make the walk even more interesting! The trails are also wide enough to accomodate the Polaris in the event some of our guests may find the hikes too challenging. And with the help of Tom's handy GPS, we now have all our trails mapped out.

We are now also using the trails for some amazing horseback riding adventures. We have added a couple of horses to our stable and are happy to welcome Coco and Precious to our family. And of course Red is extremely happy to have a girlfriend in his life!!

To add to our family of pets, we recently acquired 40 new laying hens to augment our egg production for the kitchen! Some of you may remember that back in November, we found an orphaned calf in a pretty poor shape towards the top of the property! We are very happy to announce that as of today, Rosebud, is doing very well and our guests have quite enjoyed feeding her! She has not only prospered but is developing quite an attitude but we love her anyway!

And last but not least, Tom and I would like to thank all of our guests, most of whom have become dear friends, for allowing us to share our little bit of paradise with you. By choosing to stay at Mystic River, you have made our dreams come true and we will be forever grateful.

For everyone who took the time to write a review on Trip Advisor,
You efforts have moved us from a number 19 position to number 4 in the Cayo Hotel category and that is FANTASTIC!!
Remember, it is never too late to add a comment or review on Trip Advisor, so if you have not had the chance to do it, please do so. It truly does make a difference.

We strive to provide all our guests with a memorable experience of what Belize has to offer and we hope you will return to enjoy more.

Please send us your favourite photos so we can add them to our website or newsletter. Any feedback is also greatly appreciated.

Proof that you don't have to be a kid to enjoy iguanas!!

The family that caves together stays together...!" Way to go Guys.

Another satisfied customer!!

Looks like Amy really got a kick out of feeding Rosebud!!

And just for the fun of it, can anyone tell us the name of this funny looking creature?