Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fabulous News for Mystic River Resort

Mystic River Resort was recently recognized by Trip Advisor and won an award for 2012.  We were ranked #5 in Central America and #12 in the World!!  What an accomplishment!  However, this award was only received because of you, our wonderful guests, who took time out of your busy schedules to write about us and post your comments on Trip Advisor.  Tom and I are very grateful for this kindness and we wanted to thank everyone of our past guests from the bottom of our hearts for making this happen for us.  For 2012, the Year of the Maya, we have moved to #1 ranking.
We were truly honoured to have had you as our guests.
Our new Tour Company, BushDog Adventures is doing wonderfully! Eber, Ben and Lloyd have given our guests super service and we are getting rave comments about their knowledge, level of service and all around gentlemanliness! It truly is a pleasure to work with them and have them as part of our team. Our new day trip, which will take you to Offering Cave and Sapodilla Waterfalls at the Elijio Panti National Park has been a great success and more and more guests are asking for it and enjoying every minute of it. Having Ben as our main guide for ATM Cave has also made a huge difference in the level of service that we can now offer to our guests seeking the thrill of Belize's most renowned cave! We are also planning on purchasing another Polaris since we have now found that their new model is a Diesel vehicle!! We are also looking for an alternative route to Caracol so we can take our guests in this new Polaris.
Our trails have expanded again and will take you through beautiful Mahogany, Sapodilla and Palm groves. We have recently discovered an area where Mahogany trees were actually giving seed pods which means that they are happy there and are going to produce babies! Just to make sure we do not leave anything to chance though, we harvested some seeds and will be planting them in bags for now, ready for transplanting when the seedlings are bigger. How amazing is that!
On the construction side, Tom had kindly agreed to build us a larger laundry room and a larger drying room! Not as exciting as the Mahogany discovery but for our housekeeping team, there is no better news! The extra room in the drying room is very welcomed since we seem to be drying more items coming back from ATM Cave and other tours we are now doing!

And Finally.........

Welcome to Yoga at Mystic River Resort, Belize

Mystic River Resort is proud to announce that starting immediately we will be offering yoga classes about 3 times a week or on demand.  Opening up the spa is something that I have wanted to do since we opened up the resort, but unfortunately, since Tom and I still live in it, there is, as of yet, no spa but we have other areas where yoga will be tons of fun!  Establishing an ashram for teaching yoga at Mystic River Resort is very exciting and we hope that all our guests will take full advantage of the lessons being offered.
We have hired the services of Laine Hoogstraten a healer, artist, and yoga practitioner. She brings over 25 years of experience and a deep spiritual awareness to her healing work and the sharing of her yoga practice.
In her own words, “Yoga is not something you do; it is something that does you. To partake in this ancient metaphysical science through the portal of our physical bodies is an excellent opportunity presented to us in this lifetime. It is amazing that so many yoga traditions and new yoga are available all over the world to anyone who wants to give it a try. The awakening of yoga consciousness in Western society has really only occurred in my lifetime. I am so glad to be a part of a practice which not only heals and restores the physical body, but brings relief and joy to the mind and spirit as well.  I have never experienced such deep and connected yoga as I have in Belize. I think that the predominance of nature, so deeply rooted in the presence of jungle and river, and the proximity of the ancient sacred sites of the Maya, create a palpable energy. It seems easier to access the deep current of incredible connection that seems so close to the surface in Belize. I noticed it right away in my yoga practice after arriving. I could feel it powerfully restoring my health and peace of mind as I acclimatized to Belize.
Once again, thank you to all of our guests who took the time to write reviews for us and for those of you who have not yet.....well there is no time like the present!