Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yoga News.....

Hello Everybody,
From Tom and I and all our staff at Mystic River Resort, we hope that this will find you well.
Things have been busy here at Mystic River Resort for the last little while.  We have been receiving many wonderful guests and having lots of fun hosting them.  We also finally completed the roofing part of our brand new laundry room which will now allow us to landscape around the building and remove that ugly mud once and for all.  About time too!

Our brand new Yoga Deck is now also finished and what a fabulous Yoga Deck it is!  Overlooking the Majestic Macal River, listening to the soothing sounds of the flowing water and the chirping of the birds, I cannot think of a better way to let your body and mind go.  We celebrated our first Yoga Lesson on Friday July 20th with our guests Bobby and India.  It was Bobby's first Yoga experience and I think he had fun!  We will be starting with regular yoga workouts three times a week from 7am to 9am, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday but will also schedule other workouts depending on our guests' schedules of activities.  We look forward to using our Yoga Deck many many times and hope that our guests will join us too!

While on a visit to Mexico (it was actually our 2nd wedding anniversary) a few days ago, Tom and I decided to purchase some hammock chairs to use at the Yoga Deck and we ended up having cocktails there last night sitting in those chairs!  How fabulous that was!!  So comfortable and peaceful!  That was of course, followed by an amazing candlelight dinner served by our Chef David who never ceases to amaze us with the fabulous meals he serves.  Thank you David!

The pastures for the horses are now fully fenced so we can take them back there every day!  The grass we planted in those pastures has grown so tall that you can barely see the horses!  Tom had also decided to plant some corn at the same time and you should see the horses chomp on it!  They were really having a great time and left absolutely nothing behind!  Look how pretty Mystic looks!  Both him and River are now just over one year old.

We also have expanded our family of pets!  We now have around 20 ducks (one of the mums is also sitting on twelve new eggs!) in our new pond, another Red-Lored parrot (I named her Lola) to hopefully become friend with Pen....She is only two months old and requires hand feeding which is lots of fun for me but is learning to eat by herself.  Her favourite food?  Scrambled eggs, not hardboiled or fried, just scrambled please!
Next is Suki, our one year old Doberman who is sure giving all the other dogs a run for their money!  She can outrun and outdo anyone of them and when Tom takes the Polaris to the top, she is right there in front (running) and is always the first one back!!
And of course Fabulous Molly, our Currassow.  What do you think of her?  She looks pretty fierce with that big crown of hers but she is really quite sweet.  She loves bananas and corn!  Make sure you go visit all our new friends when you are staying with us.

We continue to expand and clean up our hiking trails and in the process discovered a motherlode of Mahogany trees of varying sizes (but nothing very big unfortunately!) some of which were actually producing seeds.  We collected those seeds and planted them in our nursery and are happy to report that all 82 of them germinated and are awaiting transplant, which is absolutely amazing.  We will be planting them all over Mystic River Resort and will watch them grow over the years.
What will we find next??

A cave, I hear Tom say.....

Again, to our past guests, thank you so much for visiting us at Mystic River Resort Jungle Lodge.  We sure hope you had a fabulous time while with us and we hope you come visit us again in the future.  Don't forget to send us some of your favourite photos so we can post them on our website or on our newsletter.  I would also be delighted to send you photos of ATM Cave at any time.
And for those of you who will be joining us soon, we look forward to meeting you and we look forward to making sure you have a wonderful experience here in Belize and a once in a lifetime vacation.

Don't forget to write a review for us on Trip Advisor please!  Your comments are very important to us.  They help us make sure we know what you want, what you expect and of course that we got it right!

Tom and Nadege